​Justice League review embargo lifting just one day before release

The news doing the rounds today is that Justice League film coming November 17th will not allow reviews to be published until just one day before the film’s wide release date. This is in a stark contrast to Marvel’s treatment of Thor Ragnarok which had its review embargo lifted a full 2 weeks before it’s US release.  

This does raise some questions. Does this reveal a lack of confidence from Warner Bros? Are they just being wary of spoilers getting out? Is it something we should be worried about?

Warner Bros and DC do have a track record of keeping the embargo and release dates pretty close, as with Wonder Woman earlier this year was scheduled to lifts it’s embargo just a day before, but it was surprisingly lifted a week early once they felt confident in the film. This could well happen again, and I for one hope so as I am really excited for the Justice League film.

My thoughts on Batman V Superman and Suicide squad have led me to temper my expectations for the DC film universe, and that’s even taking into consideration the triumph that was Wonder Woman. WW felt like its own separate film and the trailers for JL have given off the impression of a return to the tone and style of BvS and Suicide Squad which I didn’t enjoy as much as I hoped I would.

The precedent set by the WW embargo being lifted early once the positive buzz started is dangerous. If we get to the week before release and Justice Leagues embargo still stands, the concerns I have about the flick will be at the forefront of my mind when I sit down on the cinema in a few short weeks time.

I hope Justice League surprises everyone and knocks it out of the park, but until we hear from somebody not involved in the production of the film saying positive things, there is going to be trepidation from the majority of fans, me included.

Hears hoping this is all much ado about nothing….


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