6 Shorts in 7 weeks…and the rest of 2021

I made a premature and extremely short-lived return to writing on
this site early this year. I intended to keep it going, but I had to let one of
the plates I was spinning fall and the site took the hit.

Making film’s has been a dream I had always assumed isn’t something “normal” people can do. Watching films as a kid I was never told that is something I could be a part of. Perhaps it’s because I spent a lot of weekends watching Kill Bill and I’d have guessed they meant take up using a katana.

The pandemic ruined plans I had to go on a trip around America, but it led
to me enrolling on a filmmaking course at the MetFilm School in Ealing instead. This year and after five months of lessons and exercises, plus meeting some extremely talented people, I wrote and directed my own short film. I also got to work on 5 of my classmates projects in a range of roles and the process has been.. just amazing. The thrill of being on a set and making things happen is a high I will be chasing for the rest of my life.

That’s where I’ve been, and now I’m back on the review and blog grind. I do
genuinely enjoy doing this so I am keen to get back to it, but this time I want
to open it up to other people. I started writing because it was something I’d
always wondered about. Maybe I’m a rare exception, but if there are other
people out there reading this, or even people you know, who have a similar
interest or curiosity, please reach out and contact us and post on this site.

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I am not a professional. It’s all
coming from a guy who watches films, plays video games and watches TV on top of his day job and just has an irrational passion for these things. It’s been a great outlet though and if anyone else wants to just write and not stress about the hassle of keeping the website in check, I will do that bit

I’m also planning to get a podcast going that nobody will listen to, but
that might take a while to figure out.

Having spent 6 months making films, I’m excited to get back to watching them… starting with James Bond, who is finally back after the delayed release of No Time To Die. That’s the next post, so once you’ve recommended the site to someone, go on to read that!

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