The Last of Us, Apple’s Newest Device, and Tom Welling.

It’s been a slow news week and this morning I couldn’t find much worth note at all. Yesterday I read about Tom Welling coming back as Superman after his starring role on Smallville and was reminded that DC are doing something mental on TV. It’s possibly really entertaining, but I have no idea as I have never watched it. 

I am not sure why I have never taken any of the shows seriously or given them a chance at all. The closest I have come to it is watching a couple episodes of Titans which I found to be a bit overly dark and brooding. Green Arrow was the series that started it, a character I actually like based on my limited exposure to him from other media, but I didn’t watch it at the start and I’ll be damned if I will jump into any series 2 or 3 seasons in.

The Flash TV show was lauded again, and it’s the one I have come closest to watching. I caught the end of an episode once and its first impression on me was some of the roughest special effects I have watched in a long time. It was enough to put me off at the time and I haven’t gone back, but from the outside it seems like they are doing some mad story lines. They have been currently doing their own take on Crisis on Infinite Earths which is a story line I figured I would never see on a screen outside of animation. To know that is happening on TV with a group of interconnected shows sounds like it should be praised up there with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are currently five shows connected and characters all come together in these cross over events. It sounds like a lot of fun, but I just about kept up with the 23 movies over eleven years that Marvel produced. I don’t know how anyone has had the time to keep up with five shows with hundreds of episodes between them, all an hour long. Perhaps one day I will commit to catching up and binge watching it all, I highly doubt it, but I once watched seasons one to seven of Game of Thrones inside 25 days so I believe in my ability to binge watch anything at this point.

Such is the lack of news, I even found myself yesterday wondering if the new Apple Arcade thing made a new iPhone worth investing in again. After a few seconds I decided no, because they aren’t 5G ready or USB-C and I have gotten used to the Android layout on my OnePlus, but it did then lead me to thinking about the next iterations in the mobile industry and how it all seems to be camera and screen focused.

Apples new device has one selling point as far as I can tell, a triple camera system. It may make the phone uglier than its predecessors, but it will be capable of some stunning shots. That’s it though, that is was Apple are selling you for a thousand pound. As far as I can tell the rest of the features on the phone are small improvements over the previous generation which is par for the course with apple. Nothing ground-breaking but its new, so people will be all over it I am sure.

I popped into a Samsung shop yesterday and saw the new Samsung Fold 5G, a phone which was received terribly by testers when they got the phone and folding it broke the screen. It seems like any problems have been addressed and they are going ahead to launch the unique phone. I think unfortunately for Samsung, this will stay unique, as I just don’t see the need for it. Folding screens will become a common thing, wallpaper like material that can be used as a display will become a reality one day, but on a phone? It’s just an unnecessary gimmick.

Whilst in that Samsung store I received a notification about a Sony “State of Play” event planned for 24th September. These events have been updates through the year about game releases and announcements, and this one could pack a bigger punch than previous announcements. It’s largely expected we will see The Last of Us sequel given a release date which is great news. The games developers, Naughty Dog, have earned the right to take their time and make whatever they see fit and I will buy it day one. The Last of Us was an incredible experience, a game that tells a story better than almost any other. A sequel in that world from this studio has the potential to be one of the most special games of the generation.

The Last of Us arrived at the end of the PS3’s time as the flagship console and was ported over to PS4 with a few tweaks. If you play it on PS4, it is still one of the best-looking games on the system even now. The Last of Us Part II will likely be one of the final games in the PS4’s cycle, so there is some amount of pressure on them to hit it out of the park now they have some competition on the PS4 with Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Spiderman.

Hopefully we get a few surprises and we will get The Last of Us much sooner than I expect (next July/August is when I expect it).

‘Til then have a great weekend!