Three Trailers, Two Action Films, and an Irishman

The title sounds like the start of a terrible joke.

Anyway, I have been out of the cinema loop for about 8 weeks, there just hasn’t been time. Or rather, I haven’t been willing to make the time for the films that have been out. That is changing this weekend with the release of Joker. What it also means is I haven’t watched nearly as many trailers as I normally would, just because the films releasing them haven’t enticed me enough to even watch a trailer. That all changed this week.

First off, I will start with a trailer for a film I forgot was being made; The Kings Man. The Kingsman world is one rife for more stories, although a huge part of the first films success was down to Taron Edgerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong among other cast members. This one is a prequel and looks like it goes back to the formation of the Kingsman organisation.

Ralph Fiennes is an excellent actor and he looks like he is all in for the role just like Colin Firth was in the first film. The rest of the cast is just as talented as the previous films, so the potential is certainly there. These films are defined by their Director’s flair than any other franchise currently running, with Matthew Vaughn’s style evident all over the trailer. He has a knack for making everything look and feel awesome, especially action sequences, and this appears to be no exception to that. It looks a little like a World War II movie but in his style, which is something I didn’t know I wanted to see. It comes out on Valentine’s Day next year, so it’s closer than I expected, and I am looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

The biggest trailer this week in my opinion was for the upcoming DC film Birds of Prey. It’s called Birds of Prey, hinting at a team up with other female characters, but this trailer is heavily focused on the biggest marketable asset it has, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. I think she’s one of the rare cases where fan casting and real casting came together and got it right. Her commitment to the role and to recreating the character from the Animated show really adds to the character, although I did think this trailer leaned on her a little too much. It would have been nice to see a little more of the other members of the cast. Ewan McGregor as the “Villain” looks great, but there is very little insight into any of the other characters. This is the first trailer, and to be honest it looks a lot more fun than I expected, but we won’t know what to expect until we see a bit more of the surrounding cast.

Birds of Prey comes out on the 7th February, just a week before The Kings Man and as two very stylised looking action movies they may be fighting over the same audience. I think there is room for both, but they might eat each other’s box office a bit which might work out worse for one of them. They’re both coming out weeks before The Last of Us Part II, so whatever happens they won’t be the best piece of entertainment that month.

Last week ended with the trailer for a Martin Scorsese directed Gangster film with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci among others in the cast. The Irishman is going to be excellent; you can tell just by reading the names I just listed off. De Niro hasn’t worked this hard in a role for years, but you just know he is going to be giving it his best when he is working with a master like Scorsese.

This film is much closer than the previous 2, with its cinematic release scheduled for 1st November in theatres, before hitting Netflix a few weeks later the 27th. The limited run in cinema’s is a new thing, but one I can see becoming a much more regular occurrence. With the rise of Netflix and other streaming platforms, the way entertainment is made and distributed has changed and now people want to watch things at home on their 60-inch 4k TV screens rather than going to a cinema. I understand that but for me nothing beats a cinema when it comes to watching a movie.

There have been other trailers dropping, for example a new Ryan Reynolds led action film called 6 Underground that looks like Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds. Now who doesn’t enjoy Ryan Reynolds being all Ryan Reynolds like, I certainly do, but is Ryan Reynolds in danger of being type cast as Ryan Reynolds? I am always happy to watch Ryan Reynolds be Ryan Reynolds, but occasionally I wonder if Ryan Reynolds is happy being Ryan Reynolds in every role or if he wants to branch out and be a Bryan Reynolds for a change or something.

I have confused myself. Thanks for reading!



Alexa is everywhere & Marvel man to make a Star Wars

Amazon held an event in Seattle yesterday to unveil a whole slew of new technology they are bringing out and it seems like the future is all about Alexa. She’s branching out from your Echo and Echo Dot into headphones, a microwave, Glasses and even a Ring. As someone who doesn’t really use any of the virtual assistants, it’s all a little bit odd.

I get the use of it, being able to ask a question about anything to a speaker and hear the correct answer in seconds is cool and feels very sci-fi to me, but even when I had access to it I would always find myself googling the question anyway. Now I know not everyone is as good as googling as others, I have learnt that through my job, but asking out loud gives you an answer once, and then you must ask again for it to be repeated. Googling on your phone just seems so much easier.

All the tech they have shown off is cool, but some of it is just solving problems I don’t think need answers. The smart microwave for example reads the packaging and sets itself up. Meaning you will no longer have to press 3 or 4 buttons to get your food cooked. Was there a big outcry for this? Are people yelling at their microwaves because they have had to press buttons on it?

That and the ring are the only really odd items they are selling, the rest of it I can see a use for. New glasses with Alexa built in seem more useful and bring us one step closer to the heads up display I have always wanted for real life. I can’t wait until I can walk around with a display telling me useful information or mapping out my route for me as I stroll. I don’t think there will quite have this, now it seems like it’s just normal prescription lenses with a directional speaker to answer your questions. If they can get a camera in there to see what I see and display functionality in the lens we will be really in the future.

I did notice that they are introducing some new tech to make the voice of Alexa sound a little more human, and that they are planning to bring out the first celebrity voice, and it’s going to be Samuel L Jackson. I can’t wait to change my mums Alexa voice to him and see the shock on her face when she asks Alexa to play Beautiful South and she gets a “Damn Mother Fucker all you had to do was ask”.

In movie news, yes there is finally some big movie news I care about, Disney have been making some interesting moves. The architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and current Head of Marvel Kevin Feige is rumoured to have been given the keys to a Star Wars movie. Feige has found unprecedented success with the MCU and has kind of earned the respect of the world for what he has built. All reports are suggesting he is a huge Star Wars fan and this decision does make sense from a business perspective.

Disney have two of the biggest producers in the business running their two biggest franchises. One of them is a complete success and the other is Star Wars. Regardless of your views on The Last Jedi, it cannot be argued that it united the fan base. Quite the opposite in fact and that seems to have led to a rethink at Disney. Now they have paired Feige with Star Wars lead producer Kathleen Kennedy to try and start the new wave of content in the Star Wars universe.

It’s not all necessarily good news though. Marvel is currently in a state of rebuild, and as I wrote a little while ago Feige’s job now is to try and do it again. Repeat the success he had building Iron Man and Captain America into the faces of a huge connected series of films. They recently had their break up with Sony and lost the next biggest thing in the MCU in Spiderman, and a part of that was attributed to Feige just being too busy to help out on a Sony made movie so they wanted a bigger cut to make it worthwhile for them.

If a part of the reason Feige is too busy is because he is being drafted over to help with Star Wars, it feels like they’re possibly meddling with some dangerous waters. Marvel needs Feige and if he can help with the Spiderman issues, they should let him focus on that. The MCU is a feat of organisation and forward thinking that’s unrivalled in Hollywood. Star Wars is one of the few things that could be a huge distraction to the main man at Marvel and if he takes his eye off the ball at this crucial time for the MCU it could end badly.

Of course, it might all work out, and maybe Kevin Feige is just looking for something a bit different to the Superhero blockbusters he has been helping mass produce over the last 11 years. You could understand if he is a bit fatigued from the same universe of films being all he has been involved with for so long. It looks like Disney are leaning a bit heavier on their golden goose and hoping it can carry on producing the goods even in other franchises.

Knowing my luck this will all be debunked by the time this publishes.

Thanks for reading!



This Week In Film – 25.03.2019

I have really enjoyed writing about gaming news the last few weeks, so I am going to bring that same format to the Movie news world, bringing you all the news that interested me, including the box office news and my thoughts on any trailers from the last week. This week Us released in theatres, I go back over the Avengers trailer, and the Elton John biopic runs into some rating issues. 

Box Office Breakdown

This week Get Out director Jordan Peele released his newest film into cinema’s, the freaky horror “Us”. I haven’t got round to seeing it yet, partly because of a busy weekend, partly because I think it might scare the bejesus out of me. That didn’t keep a lot of people in the US from going out this weekend and watching it. Bringing in $70 million on its opening weekend is a great showing, and proves the director has really caught the attention of the movie going audience. The aforementioned Get Out made a respectable $33 million on its first weekend, so doubling that with your second film will make studios desperate to get their hands on his next script.

Coming in second this weekend is Captain Marvel, hanging in there at $35 million and taking its worldwide total over $900 million and up to 10th in the MCU domestic rankings. It’s another example of how well Marvel have brought in regular members of public hooked on their films. Captain Marvel is a very obscure character, and yet its made $100 million more than Wonder Woman, an iconic character known around the world. Marvel will be very happy with this just a month before Avengers Endgame hits theatres.

Avengers Trailer Spoilers?

Speaking of the Endgame, what I hope is the final trailer dropped a couple of weeks ago and predictably sent the internet crazy with theories and speculation. The trailer does give a little away, supposedly anyway, and I will be mentioning that in some detail here but I personally don’t think any of it is a spoiler.

In the trailer there is a clear shot towards the end that shows Tony Stark and Nebula on earth, with the rest of the Avengers in hitherto unseen matching white suits. This is considered by some as a major spoiler, as it gives away that Tony and Nebula make it back to earth when in previous trailers and the end of the last film we saw them on their own in outer space with no way of getting home. For me this breaks down to being about the journey, not so much the destination.

Avengers Endgame is going to be the story of how the avengers will overcome Thanos and save the heroes they lost. There is little doubt in my mind that the vast majority of the heroes who got ‘dusted’ at the end of Infinity War will be saved somehow. What I am in the dark about is how, and that is why I am so excited to see Endgame. The journey to that point and the wins and losses along the way have been set up so perfectly that Endgame is the most anticipated movie in my lifetime.

R-Rocketman rating

Kingsman star Taron Egerton’s portrayal of Elton John is one of the most anticipated movies of the year for many. The success of Bohemian Rhapsody last year paved the way for another music icon based biopic, and Rocketman is looking to fill that place. One part of what made Bohemian Rhapsody successful was that it was a film for the entire family, however it’s looking like Rocketman is unlikely to have that same wholesome quality.

Rocketman apparently contains scenes with strong sexual content and hard drug consumption, suggesting the film will go into the dark side of being a rockstar much more than the Queen biopic dared to. The scene has led to suggestions that the film may receive an “R” rating and lead to a narrowing of the potential audience for the picture.

The film is still a way off, not being due for release until 17th May 2019. That gives them a few months to edit the scene and cut around the F words and any nudity to earn the scene, and the film, the PG 13 rating that I think they are aiming for. I for one hope the film gets the lower rating, as I am hoping for a celebration of Elton John’s music in the same way Bohemian Rhapsody celebrated Queens.

Thanks for reading this, This Week in Film will develop just as This Week in Gaming does, and Wednesday’s will be new reviews of new and old films, till next time!