DC Cast Shazam, and it’s Awesome. 

A story broke out over the weekend from the Hollywood Reporter saying that Zachary Levi has been cast as superhero “Shazam” in the DC film universe. This report has since been confirmed by the actor himself on his Instagram. 

For those who don’t know, Shazam is a young boy who transforms into a musclebound superhero whose powers rival Superman, whenever he exclaims “Shazam!”. I’m serious. That’s the premise for this character.

That taken into consideration, casting Zachary Levi, the star of one of my favourite TV shows Chuck, is a stroke of genius. It’s not a name I or anyone I know of would have suggested as a potential actor for the role, and it was initially shocking when I first read it.

Once I took a minute to step back and think about it, it actually makes so much sense. In Chuck he plays a geeky man-child who is thrust into a world he’s not ready for. Levi is convincing as both the fish out of water in the early seasons and the confident bad ass of later seasons, showcasing the range that you would need to pull off a character as unique as Shazam.

I think the best comparison to make for this is with Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt. He was a guy who not many had heard of, but those that had adored him. And he hit the gym and buffed up to become one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most beloved characters.

I’m not saying Zachary Levi can do the same for DC, we all know the sketchy track record Warner Bros have with these films. I am hoping Levi can bring that same fun and energy that got me hooked on Chuck to this role. If he succeeds I think Shazam could be a surprise hit for DC.

We have a few years to wait, but I’m now actually excited for a film I thought would be a joke. Here’s hoping the Justice League movie doesn’t sink the entire DC Universe Films and make this news obsolete.

Venom movie actually happening..

Sony are moving into production on a Venom film, to launch a Spiderman universe which is NOT connected to this year’s Spiderman Homecoming.

I honestly thought the rumours and stories would all die out and common sense would prevail but they’re going for it and Sony aim to create yet another superhero universe. This will feature all of the villains and side characters from the Spiderman comics, just sans Spiderman himself.

I always want to support new movies and I love comic book films as much as anyone but this smacks of desperation. The failure of the Amazing Spiderman films, which was meant to lead to multiple Spidey spin offs, led to Sony making a deal with Marvel and getting Spiderman in the MCU in Civil War and then Homecoming. The success of those films has sparked Sony to make an attempt to capitalise on the positive Spiderman buzz to create their own universe of Spidey characters.

Is there really an audience out there for a big budget Venom film? The main exposure the general public have to the character is from Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3 over a decade ago, and nobody has a positive memory of that mess of a film.

I hope I’m wrong, and that Sony have found a way to have their cake and eat it at the same time. Unfortunately I fear another flop could be in the pipeline for a studio that really needs its own hit now they have lost the rights for James Bond.

Mm.  Cake.