Chuck is on Amazon Prime!

Once again, my early night was ruined by finding a series online, I just know I am going to love. How do I know? Because it’s Chuck, and it’s very possibly my favourite ever TV show. I would never argue it is the best TV series, but it’s comfortably the one I have enjoyed the most. So today I am going to explain why I love it. 

I got just twenty-six minutes into the first episode of season one when I remember why I love the series. Its main premise is that a man-child gets government secrets implanted in his brain and the CIA and other government agencies want to use his brain. That’s the plot device that drives the five seasons and brings with it the twists and turns from an action/spy thriller point of view. They are not the reason I love the series so much though.

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Rick and Morty all have some amazing romantic story lines. Alright no they don’t but I couldn’t think of any other TV shows. Anyway, the point is Chuck’s real secret weapon is its complex characters and their chemistry. Shazam star Zachary Levi wasn’t always quite so huge as he is in the DC film, but this is the show that he made his name in. In the titular role he brings so much boyish charm and plays a character with such a good heart and he has an incredible amount of character development over the course of the show. You really do get to know him and the supporting cast and very quickly the show becomes less about the espionage and more about the relationships.

That is what is makes any of the shows I mentioned special. Game of Thrones was so successful because we were so invested in Tyrion, Jamie, Dany, Jon, and so on. The reason the final season fell short for me is because all the character development and their interactions were rushed through to get to the key battle scenes in the show. If we had been given more of the characters, we knew interacting so well I think the entire season would have gone down better, although perhaps the lack of time put that out of the question.

Chuck takes the main characters at the start and puts them through so much emotional turmoil that by the end their bond is so strong you are so invested in what happens that the twists and turns at the end of the seasons leaves you torn apart. Chuck is special in that it’s a light-hearted, fun show that ends up packing an emotional punch.

Breaking Bad is what I would rate as the best show I have ever watched, but Chuck is my favourite. The reason it beats out Walter White is because of how relatable I find the characters in Chuck. I can empathise with Walter White and I understand the process he goes through, but to be honest my life has been lacking in teachers turned meth chef’s, although there is a couple, I wonder about…

The main character of Chuck is a lot like me if I had a PG filter on me and that might be why I love it so much, because I am awesome. I am joking, it’s because seeing yourself in a character is a brilliant way to feel invested in a show. That is perhaps what elevate Chuck above the comedy sitcoms like Friends or HIMYM, or even serious drama’s like Breaking Bad or Archer.

Stupidity aside, relatable characters in films and TV shows makes them so much more compelling. Even taking something like Joker, what makes that film so divisive and terrifying, is that there are elements of the character of Arthur Fleck that people can see themselves even if it’s just in the slightest way. I am not sure everyone is the same as me and perhaps how much we can relate to characters is as important for everyone else.

I was planning to write about A New Hope, but Chuck has taken over. Between this and my latest run through The Office mean all my content watching time has been filled up for the foreseeable future. I am going to have to pull myself away from those two shows to get something other than those two shows to write about. Tomorrow’s post will probably be all about the PS5 news, another topic I was going to write about today until Chuck appeared.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more informative post.

‘Til then.