My Most Anticipated Movies 2019

I don’t know if everyone feels this, but one of the things I love the most about movies is the anticipation. Wondering about what surprises might happen, which characters I’m going to love or hate, and just whether or not any movie is going to be good or bad for me. Of course I am excited for the likes of Avengers Endgame and Star Wars Episode IX, but so is everyone else. With that in mind, here are a few of the films I am most excited to see in 2019 that aren’t huge blockbusters. 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 9th August (UK)

Boasting arguably the most talented cast in history with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt Margot Robbie, Al Pacino and Kurt Russell, it is none of those names that really make me want to see this film. The name that does that, is Quentin Tarantino. I love every movie that I have seen of his (there are a few I haven’t watched) and a late 60s hollywood setting matched with all of Tarantino’s style and sensibilities sounds like a match made in heaven.

His particular brand of dialogue and the creative characters he puts into his films in the hands of such an incredibly talented cast just add to the anticipation for me. I know barely anything about this film beyond what I have put in this post and it is still easily one of my most anticipated films of the year. Releasing at the height of the blockbuster season, I really hope this gem isn’t buried by the superhero films out around then.

Joker – 4th October (US, UK Unconfirmed)

If you know me well, you will already know why this film is so high on my list. The Joker is my favourite fictional character across all mediums, so a movie based on him with a talent like Joaquin Phoenix in the role is tantalising. Early set photos show Phoenix looking suitably creepy as the maniacal villain, looking like a mix of the classic Caesar Romero look blended with Heath Ledger’s iconic turn in the role.

The Hangover director Todd Phillips is in charge of things, and that is my main concern with the film. None of his films really wow me, but none of them are terrible, he’s a very middle of the road director for a project i really want to see succeed. If he can take a few pointers from Martin Scorsese, who is on as a Producer for this film, i really think this could be something special.

The Lion King – 19th July (UK) 

Now this is a very interesting film to me. The animated classic from the 90s is my favourite Disney film, I watched it 100s of times as a kid, and it was a film I hoped would not be made before I saw the Jungle Book remake. However, in a post Jungle Book world, and with the astounding cast of voices on board under the same director (Jon Favreau), I am now all in to see this film. The special effects are brilliant, that goes without saying, but what will make or break The Lion King for me is the characters being as lovable and memorable as they was in 1994.

I never had this attachment to the Jungle Book, so this is new ground for me. I am going into a film hoping it is exactly the same as one I have seen before, but with a new lick of paint and some shiny new accessories. Whatever the end product is like, I am sure me and my generation will be pushing small kids out the way on opening day to sing along to Hakuna Matata in a theatre together come July. If it’s a success, we will be back in for the next showing.

Rocketman – 21 June (UK) 

In 2018, Bohemian Rhapsody gave Queen fans (i.e. Everyone) a chance to relive the past with Freddie Mercury leading Queen through their songs, whilst giving a glimpse behind the curtain at the life the legendary frontman led. In 2019, Rocketman aims to deliver the same experience, but with Elton John. His career spans several decades and his music traverses multiple Genres just like Queen, and he too has a story not everyone knows about. I am in that section of people, so I’m fascinated to learn about the man behind the music.

Dexter Fletcher is directing, whose work I have never seen, but I heard good things about Eddie the Eagle, hopefully this gives him the step up he needs to reach the next level as a director. Kingsman lead man Taron Egerton takes on the role of Elton John, and I really hope he nails this and maybe even generates himself some award buzz.

There are lots more of course, with Disney alone boasting Toy Story 4, Dumbo, Aladdin, Captain Marvel, Spiderman Far from Home and Frozen 2 on top of Star Wars and Avengers, it promises to be a huge year in cinema. Google 2019 films to see a lot of the films coming our way in the next 12 months, and there are certainly some we haven’t even heard of yet. The blog will be more active than ever this year so thank you for reading and please share if you think anyone you know will want to waste their time reading this! Til next time 🙂



Three Star Wars: The Last Jedi Predictions

As i had a lot of fun with the Avengers predictions I did a few posts ago, I thought id do a similar thing for the next instalment in my favourite movie franchise, Star Wars. The Last Jedi comes out this week, I’m seeing it Wednesday at Midnight, and I have heard a million and one theories on Rey’s lineage, Luke’s Beard, Snoke’s identity and what Porgs are. Here are my top 3 that I either think are quite likely, or I just like the idea of. SPOILER WARNING – I MIGHT GET SOME OF THIS RIGHT. 

1 – Rey’s surname. 

The identity of Rey’s parentage was a mystery right from the first trailer for Episode 7 way back at the end of 2014. At first everyone seemed to assume that she was Luke’s daughter, and many people took her reaction to touching his lightsabre to be confirmation of that. I think there is a clue in that passage from The Force Awakens that suggests someone else from Star Wars history may be a relative of her. The first voice Rey hears when she touches the lightsabre is none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi. Why would Obi-Wan be speaking to this random girl? Because he is her Grandfather.

Obi Wan’s actions between Episode 3 and 4 are largely unknown. All we know for sure is he changes his name from Obi-Wan to Ben at some point, and he has a second face off with Darth Maul which we saw in the animated show Star Wars Rebels. What if, at some time between these two episodes, whilst watching over Luke, he had a relationship and a daughter. This child then went on to have a daughter of her own, Rey, who was then hidden after Luke Skywalker’s Jedi academy was destroyed by Kylo Ren. Whats more, the rumours of an Obi-Wan movie to be announced for 2020, could we see the reveal of Rey’s Jedi Master Grandfather pave the way to us seeing how Obi-Wan met and fell for Rey’s grandmother.

2 – Luke shows his power. 

Luke Skywalker was my hero growing up. I watched Return of the Jedi on repeat and wanted nothing more than a Green Lightsaber. In fact a green lightsaber is still pretty high on my list. Through the original trilogy Luke goes from Farmboy to Jedi Knight, and once the Emperor is dead, he is free to focus and become the most powerful jedi in history, just like we was all told he could be.

I want to see Rey struggling to hold off a few enemies, perhaps the Knights of Ren (Kylo Ren’s buddies we saw in flashbacks), and her to seemingly be beaten by them. Then we can hear that iconic sound of a Lightsaber igniting, and see Luke Skywalker deal with them without breaking a sweat. I have been waiting all my life to see Luke Skywalker in a movie in a cinema, and after being given just a glimpse at the end of the Last Jedi, I think Rian Johnson knows he has to deliver something really special with Luke to satisfy that desire the world has had since 1983.

3 – Snoke’s Identity.

Who is Snoke, and where did he come from? Two very valid questions fans have been asking since Andy Serkis was cast, and after the Force Awakens gave nothing away, the speculation went into overdrive. Is he a disfigured Mace Windu? Jar Jar Binks having matured over the years? The stormtrooper who hit his head on the doorframe in A New Hope? Seriously, those are all real theories on youtube. There are only two real options in my head that make much sense. Snoke is simply Snoke, a new character we have no connection with, older than anyone we’ve ever seen and the Last Jedi or Episode 9 will have to explain where he was for the previous 6 films.

Alternatively, and a theory I would absolutely love to be true, he is a character referenced only by name in Episode 3, Darth Plagueis (I pronounce it Play-Gus because its easier). In Episode 3, Emporer Palpatine tells a story to Anakin about how Darth Plagueis was Palpatine’s master, and that he was the only person, Jedi or Sith, to learn the trick to cheat death. He then goes on to reveal that Plagueis was finally killed by Palpatine himself. Given that he could supposedly cheat death, what if he had somehow tricked Palpatine into thinking he was dead, when in reality he was just severely wounded, explaining the scar on his face, and was in hiding during the previous 6 films recovering his strength and now that Palpatine is gone, he has stepped back into the fold as a force.

So there’s the top I think are quite likely. There’s tonnes more, but honestly I have stayed out of the trailers so much to avoid spoilers I haven’t got much more idea what might happen. Just a couple of days left before The Last Jedi is out, and I can find out how far off the mark I was with all of the above.