Love film and TV? I do to, so I started writing about them. Screenbunka was my platform for that, and it’s a great outlet. Now I am finally able to start it up again, but I want to keep the site more active. 

It might mean other writers contributing if they have something they want to share, different kinds of content (a podcast anyone?) and a production diary of my start in the film industry, making short films and trying to figure out how to go from writing about films to making them.

All the reviews and thoughts on this site aren’t from a professional critic, they’re just from someone who loves films, tv and video games and wants to one day make them.

Comments and shares are very much appreciated!

Enjoy the site, and if you want an outlet to write your own thoughts contact us and we will put it on the site with all the credit going to you. Any questions let us know!

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