Mortal Kombat X Review

First Impressions

Mortal Kombat has always been a bit like salad for me, something that seemed like a good idea, but I never took part in it. This year i decided to change that and give the game a try, and see if I could actually perform any of the moves in the trailers.

MKX is a very easy to pick up and play but incredibly hard to master game, which is a lot like the studio’s DC meets MK mashup game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. The fighting rewards you learning the actual moves and button bashing isn’t rewarded as readily as it is in some other games.


The core gameplay is really solid, and every character feels different which I was quite surprised by. There are some characters that immediately feel a little more powerful than others and sure enough in the online matches you will find yourself fighting a lot of Scorpion and Raiden, and in my case a lot of Cassie Cage, possibly just for the Nutcracker X-ray move.

Speaking of the X-ray moves, they are very easy to activate and once you learn where your opponent has to be you can hit them the majority of the time. One of my gripes with Injustice is that it was relatively easy to block most of the characters special moves, but that’s not present here.

Fatalities can be done using “Easy Fatality” short-cuts that you can buy (at a rather high £3 for 5, or 30 for a bit more money) to save you having to learn your characters complicated button combination. It does make you feel great when you pull of a proper fatality, but (possibly due to my own lack of talent) I found a lot of times fights would end with a disappointing fall to the floor from my opponent.


MKX is a step up from previous version’s of the game even if they aren’t as amazing as some of the games we’ve seen on the new generation of consoles. The character will get covered in blood, and the cut scenes are well put together and give the games story mode a more cinematic feel. The Fatalities are gloriously gory, and the special X-ray moves look spectacular.

Overall the game looks fantastic, and I didn’t witness any glitches or pop in textures while playing. I was playing on Xbox One, and I hear the PS4 version is up to scratch as well. The PC version had some problems on launch but that has been patched since.


This game offers a hell of a lot for your money, even if the story mode is a little short (took me around 4 hours, and i am not great at these games). Single fights which you can change variables on and give random boosts in, Tower modes, and the Krypt will soak up a few extra hours and then you can head online and test yourself against other players. I didn’t have many connection issues getting online, and private matches are easily set up to beat the hell out of your friends.

There’s a solid cast of characters to choose from, and each character has 3 fighting styles which each change a little about how they will fight. so in essence there’s over 70 variations of characters an styles to choose from.

I was a bit baffled by the strange decision to charge money for players to play as Goro when he is already included on the disc, and grayed out until you pay for him. There is a lot more downloadable content coming, with Predator and Jason Voorhees peaking my interest, but I’m not sure I will still be playing MKX by the time the DLC is released.

Finish Him

If you like fighting games, this is another entry in a series that fans will be happy with. If you’re more like me and are a novice to these types of games, the story might seem a little confusing, with a lot of what i assume are references to previous games.

Going in I was expecting a solid fighting game that will entertain me for a few hours, and that’s exactly what I got. It’s not revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but it doesn’t have to be.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I haven’t started eating salad yet.

Verdict – Buy it when it drops in price



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