Mad Max Fury Road – What a Lovely Day!

In this day and age wowing an audience with action scenes is incredibly difficult. Mad Max Fury Road manages to do this multiple times throughout in what is essentially a 90 minute action sequence glued together by some interesting characters and a story that has more heart than you’d expect!

Fast and Furiosa

The main character in this film is not Tom Hardy’s Max, but is Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa. She is an all round badass who can kick-ass as well as Max and the movie very much follows her characters arc. Her performance is fantastic and is backed up very well by Hardy’s Max whose character is more caught up in the middle of Furiosa’s story than anything else.

Another surprise in the movie is Nicholas Hoult’s Nux who is one of the main villains (Immortan Joe played by Hugh Keays-Byrne) minions. His character probably has the biggest journey from being a crazed minion to where he is at the end of the film. It’s a side I did not see to Nicholas Hoult from my other exposure to him as beast in the X-men movies, but its great to see an actor go to such an extreme.

Great Balls of Fire!

The action in this film is absolutely incredible. George Miller’s mix of practical effects and CGI is fantastic in this movie and really delivers a refreshing take on action. The core of the movie is made up of a chase through a desert wasteland which allows for some fantastic shots everything from the big set pieces to the close up hand to hand fighting is shot brilliantly.

There is a lot of action and could scare off some viewers, as might the insane and crazy style of the world. I personally love the style of the film and its refreshing for a movie to be this bold in choosing a style like this. For any gamers out there I would not be surprised to hear that the Borderlands series is influenced quite heavily by the Mad Max series as the feel and aesthetic are very similar.

Intimidating Joe

Only one thing i have to say that i felt could have been better in this film and that’s the main villain Immorton Joe. He looks fantastic and intimidating but he is not really developed at all. I feel the movie’s breakneck pacing and trying to keep it to around the 2 hours mark is probably the reason for the lack of development with the villain. We do get enough time with the main characters Max, Furiosa and Nux so i am really nitpicking here!


I was incredibly impressed with this film and i would recommend it to the majority of movie goers and in particular action fans. If you’re not into action films or you haven’t been excited by the trailers for the film then it probably isn’t for you, but id give it a chance to change your mind

Mad Max Fury Road is a reminder of how awesome action movies can be!

9/10 – Get your tickets asap!


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