San Diego Comic Con Trailer Round up and Reaction

It’s that time of year again when every one in the geek culture world turns their attention to San Diego and waits for the inevitable plethora of news and trailers. This year there was no Marvel Studio’s presence, which at first suggested there would be less news coming out of comic con but don’t worry there is plenty to talk about! I will round it up in this post and give a quick reaction to it. Any comments appreciated!

Batman V Superman Trailer

So the biggest thing to come out was an epic 3 and a half minute trailer that gave me goosebumps multiple times and got me completely sold on this take on the classic dark knight returns comic book story. I would love to know where the Ben Affleck haters are right now after the few clips we have seen. This trailer has been released properly by Warner Bros so it can be seen in all its HD glory on youtube, and if you havent seen it you simply have to! Batman looks more badass then he ever has and the glimpses of his past (there’s a Death in the Family easter egg with a past robins costume that made me giggle like a teenage girl at a Bieber concert..). This trailer is amazing and I love the way this film is looking. Bring on March 2016!!

Deadpool Trailer

The Merc with a Mouth is finally getting the movie he deserves judging by this trailer that you can find leaks of online. I wont post any leaked youtube links but you can find it easy enough. I’m sure the trailer will be released soon but at the time of posting this there wasn’t a decent quality one available any more!

The trailer itself starts out like a very standard trailer and then once the first real hard gag (a not so subtle dig at Ryan Reynold’s stint as Green Lantern) it is just laugh after action scene after laugh which is exactly what I want. The trailer really gave you the feeling that this is a Deadpool movie made by Deadpool fans and as one of my favourite characters in the comic book world I cannot wait for February next year

X-Men Apocalypse Teaser footage

Again there is no direct link for this but you can find it if you search for a dodgy copy. It was short, 16 seconds as far as I know but there may be more – the main part I have seen is Michael Fassbenders Magneto dropping an F-bomb asking Oscar Isaac’s magneto who he is to which Apocolypse responds with “Come and find out”. He looks insane – the most comic book-like costume I have seen for a while! It looks good – but short if that was the full reveal. Still – the film will likely be great! I sure have high hopes after First Class and Days of Future Past!

Suicide Squad Trailer

This trailer is also not fully out yet but same applies to the previous 2! I have seen it and I have to say the trailer felt a little standard until the end. The bulk of the trailer is a look at the suicide squad getting together and we got a little sense of the chemistry between them all. But then Jared Leto shows up and gives us the first taste of the Joker at the end to kick this trailer up a few levels. I have such a huge amount of respect for Leto’s work and to have such a talented actor as him playing this character has excited me from day one.

My favourite fictional character of them all is the Joker, and this incarnation – while very different, still feels like it has the core of the joker. Jack Nicholson played him as a mad but more calculated villain. Heath Ledger took him to his anarchic and unpredictable extreme. Jared Leto now looks to be portraying the most psychotic and terrifyingly evil take on the character which I am really looking forward to seeing.

Other news

There was also a trailer for the new Warcraft movie, as well as the first trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful 8, but I cannot find a watchable copy at this time. when I see them I will add them to this list! I heard good things about both so looks like everyone’s marketing departments are doing their jobs.

It’s always important to remember that these are just trailers and do not mean the films will be any good (See Star Wars Episode 1), but as far as trailers go, what a comic con!! Thanks for reading and I will be putting more reviews and news reactions up now!

Bye for now!


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