Inside Out Review – No Minions In Sight

Inside Out is the latest movie from the best studio around, Pixar (in my opinion, but come on… name a really bad film they’ve done). I love almost all of their films, the only exception really being the Cars franchise. For me they don’t make movies for kids, they make movies for adults presented in a child friendly way.


This is arguably their most ambitious film ever and takes us inside the head of a young girl called Riley, where her life and reaction to events is run by her 5 main emotions – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger.

The main emotion we follow is joy who is voiced by Amy Poehler who was perfect for this role. She brings the character to life brilliantly and the supporting cast are all great, my personal favourite being Lewis Black as Anger. What that says about my personality we will leave to another day!


There is a lot to love about this film. The animation is superb and Pixar are really taking things to new levels with the animation and I can’t wait to see the good dinosaur where the animation looks like it is even better than it has been before.

It is really hard to describe the movie without any spoilers as it is so unique. The story is meaningful and it uses the emotilns and memorys in a really clever way to build a visual representation of someone’s personality.

Final Thoughts

Whilst it’s very hard to describe this movie in detail without spoilers, which explains the average trailers, it is a great film that really has got something for everyone. Kids will love the characters, adults will enjoy the clever jokes for the adults, something Pixar have mastered over the years.

It isnt perfect, it is missing some of the magic that a film like toy story has, but it’s really hard to put your finger on anything the movie does badly except for not going into emotions like fear or Disgust, who are the least developed of the 5 main characters.

I am willing to say it is probably my 3rd favourite movie, behind Toy Story (I class them all as one movie) and Monsters Inc (which i loved as a kid). It’s definately worth seeing for any Pixar fans, and any family’s making the trip to the cinema this week will enjoy this movie a lot.

8/10 – Pixar deliver again!

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