Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review – Dun…Dun..DUNDUN…Dun

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is the fifth installment in the Tom Cruise led MI franchise and this time round Ethan Hunt and his team are tracking down the mysterious bad guy organisation known as “The Syndicate”. Not to be confused with the mysterious bad guy organisation we will be seeing James Bond track down later this year in “Spectre”.

He actually did that…

Tom Cruise is as solid as he has ever been in this role and continues to push the “that’s ridiculous he can’t top that” stunts he loves to do. Last time he hung out the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, this time he tops this ridiculous feat in the first scene of the movie. There is also a motorbike chase and an underwater sequence that are both breathtakingly good.

His acting is not on the same level as his stunts, but it isn’t as movie which demands and oscar level dramatic performance. It requires a believable action star and he is exactly that.

Rogue Nation takes the team element of the previous films and expands on it. The addition of the relatively unknown Rebecca Ferguson as the British spy in the film is a genius move, and I look forward to seeing what she does next. She was a really good surprise in this film and held her own with Tom Cruise in her stunt scenes. Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames are all solid in their supporting roles, particularly Simon Pegg who has really grown into his role in this franchise.

At last!

The main problem I have had with the previous mission Impossible films has been the predictable plots and weak villains. MI3’S villain was arguably the strongest one, but that is largely down to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman who elevated the film.

The rather basic plot of “bad guy wants x that he shouldn’t have” is still a key part of this story. However, the introduction of the Syndicate, and the unerringly confident and menacing villain played by Sean Harris give this film a different feel this time and you actually felt he was the closest to being a match for Ethan Hunt.

Final Thoughts

Rogue Nation is a great example of a franchise evolving and taking the good parts of previous films and expanding on them. A polar opposite to the Transformers franchise which has fallen so far it is now a joke.

I loved MI: Ghost Protocol and was intrigued to see how this one matched up. It is over the top, action packed and doesn’t try too hard to explain its story. The good guys are heroic, the bad guys are creepy and the action is well shot and entertaining.

It’s no oscar winner, and people will pick holes in it I am sure, but it is the best parts of the Mission Impossible franchise I know and it delivers them in unashamed bucket loads. You’ll be humming the theme tune for days after.

7.5/10 – This summers popcorn munching action movie.


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