Man From Uncle – Suave, Stylish, Such a shame..

My god Henry Cavill is an incredibly good looking chap. Armie Hammer (no relation to MC) does a pretty decent Russian accent. Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki are really rather attractive women. Oh there’s Hugh Grant.

These were my main thoughts watching the Guy Ritchie directed big screen adaption of the once popular (so my nan tells me) TV show The Man from Uncle. It’s slick and stylish and has the right amount of Guy Ritchieness to make it an entertaining film. There’s just a little something special lacking in the story.


The cast in this film are all solid and do exactly what is required. Henry Cavill gives his best James Bond audition and Armie Hammer manages to pull off a Russian accent that didn’t make me laugh (take notes Quicksilver in Age of Ultron…Oh wait… nevermind). Alicia Vikander plays it somewhere between a throwaway Bond girl and Rebecca Ferguson from Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. The 3 of them take the lead roles in the film and whilst none of them stand out as amazing performances they’re all entertaining.

Elizabeth Debicki gives a standard evil bad woman right out the spy movie handbook, and again is decent enough and at times hints she could do more than she is given to do in this. Hugh Grant feels underused in his role, but there are hints that he could become a larger figure in any future films in the hopeful franchise. I say hopeful because I don’t think this movie will make the money needed for a sequel.

Cookie Cutter Plot

The plot is a rather standard spy movie narrative; Bad guy wants Nuclear codes/bomb, good guys have to stop it. The film relies on the leading mens chemistry and the slick style of director Guy Ritchie to keep the audience interested and it does this well with Cavill and Hammer play off each other well and the jokes paid off for me.

The action is as good as you’d expect these days, with some great moments, a particular highlight being the boat scene, which really tickled me. I’d say some of the hand to hand fights are a little choppy and hard to follow at times but mostly it’s well shot.

Somebody’s getting fired.

This film is a really solid, entertaining spy movie and it deserves to do a lot better than it will at the box office. Frankly, whose idea it was to release this new spy movie franchise into the market while Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is only recently out in theatres needs to be fired. With this being the “year of the spy movie” with Kingsmen, MI5 and Bond all out a film like Man from Uncle needed to be released well.away from the two big fishes in the pond because it’s going to drown in the wake of the significantly better known property Mission Impossible.

I realise this is a bit of a tangent from what the movie actually is like, but I feel even the reveiws for this have suffered because of MI being so fresh in people’s minds this movie feels a little bit like over saturation of the spy movie genre.

Final Thoughts

This movie is really fun, and I urge anyone slightly interested to go out and see it to support it in cinemas. I suspect this might become a bit like John Carter, another really fun movie with franchise potential that suffered due to reasons outside of the actual quality of the movie.

There is a lot to enjoy here, and even if there are some predictable spy movie tropes present, the presentation and chemistry between the lead actors makes this a solid film.

Stylish Guy Ritchie Spy flick – 7/10

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