Summer 2016 Blockbuster Round Up & Return of the Blog

Remember the anticipation for 2016’s blockbuster movies? Would Deadpool be any good? Even if it was, would it make any money at all? Will Batman V Superman be as great as we believe it will be? How many people will die Civil War? Could Xmen Apocalypse round off the first class trilogy with a bang?

Add Finding Dory, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, Zootropolis, Sausage Party, and The Jungle Book to the movies above and we are looking at possibly the greatest summer blockbuster season in history right?! Below I am going to go through all the big films of the year so far and what i thought of them, full reviews will come at some point.


Well I can reveal that no, it wasn’t the best summer season ever. To be clear, I don’t actually dislike any of the movies above. I haven’t seen the likes of Jason Bourne Independence Day or Ghostbusters yet, so I won’t talk about those. I haven’t heard that any of those are particularly brilliant films, so I don’t feel like rushing out to see them anytime soon mind.

Deadpool, Civil War, Star Trek and Jungle Book (in that order) are the highlights for me of what has been a summer fraught with disappointments. I will at some point be getting my full reviews up for all of the above, but I’d recommend those four movies to most big blockbuster fans. So what is the problem with these other films? None of them are what I would consider bad, yet they all seem to have either divided opinions, or left everyone a little disappointed.

The biggest of these franchises is probably the DC universe films, and they both had varying levels of disappointment for me. BvS is a mess, one made of some brilliant ideas and fantastic visuals, but muddled together to a point where the final package is less than the sum of its parts. Suicide Squad faired a little better, and to me showed the starts of a change of course for DC. The lighter tone fused with what I believe was once a much darker, grittier film worked for the most part, but towards the end of the film it descended into a confusing mess of colour, explosions and Cara Delevigne doing some kind of weird rain dance. Jared Leto was good as the joker, but due to my love for that character, I was left wanting a lot more of him.

Captain America Civil War presented a stark (Ha, get it?) contrast to the black and slightly darker black world of BvS. It felt very much like a continuation of the world we’ve grown accustomed to in the other Marvel films and the story was a natural progression for a lot. Of the characters involved. It also has the most amazing action sequence I’ve ever seen in a film (if you haven’t seen it, all I will say is “Airport”). The second marvel film of the year is coming in November, and promises to be a little Stranger than anything else in the universe, but more on that another day.

Animated films are normally a safe bet for all the family to go out and have a good time. To be quite honest, that’s exactly what was delivered this summer with Zootropolis and Finding Dory. Neither blew my socks off like Inside Out last year, but I had a decent enough time watching them that I can’t say I didn’t like either. I was never a huge Nemo fan, so my excitement for Finding Dory was never that huge. Zootropolis surprised me how much fun I had, but I did find it a little forgettable. Aside from a Sloth scene, I’m not sure I remember most of what happened in the film, which will make writing my review particularly tricky unless I can find it somewhere to watch it again.

Sausage Party turned the animated world upside down, and promised an 18+ comedy that could finally show an animated film could be made for adults. I’m about to sound a little negative about it, but let me say I personally laughed a lot at Sausage Party. However, it is a very over the top and at times ridiculous movie, and I felt like they had a list of non pc and sexual jokes that they just had get to squeeze into the film. If you don’t have a dark sense of humour like me, it might not be enjoyable at all.

Xmen Apolocalypse saw the return of the Xmen without the series’ staple in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine there to lead the ship. He does make a cameo (Spoilers I guess?), but I was curious to see how the Xmen film coped without the charisma of Jackman to carry us through the story. The answer for me, is okay. It doesn’t hit the heights of Days of Future Past or X2, but it’s a perfectly watchable movie. However it was set up as Apocalypse, who is THE big bad guy in the Xmen universe, and for me it all felt a little underwhelming. The franchise should be fine resting on the shoulders of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, who are both brilliant, but I think it’s time for a change of tact for the Xmen franchise.

Deadpool is within that franchise, but the film couldn’t be further from any other comic book film we’ve ever had. The fourth wall breaking, cursing, murderous anti hero surprised me and probably everyone else by how brilliantly the film was executed. I could go on all day, and I can’t wait to review it fully, but for now, i will just say I f**king loved this movie.

Star Trek Beyond genuinely caught me by surprise with how much I enjoyed watching it. I’ve never been a Trekkie, but during Beyond I found myself caring about these characters and the story that was being told. The action is superbly done and any use of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys in a movie is always a positive.

I will argue that the original Disney Jungle Book is actually a pretty boring film, elevated by the memories we all have of “Bare Necessities” and “I wanna be like you”. Therefore you can imagine a retelling of the story using incredible lifelike technology would not be of a great interest to me. However the new Jungle Book is simply one of the best Disney films ever made. It tells the story in a very compelling way, and keeps us feeling nostalgic with the dusting of musical and visual call-backs to the original. It deserves every bit of praise it gets from a technical standpoint as for 2 hours I would have sworn these were trained animals.

For me it has been a summer of okay films, with a couple of Great ones sprinkled in. As I mentioned before, I think there’s been a few stinkers, with Independence Day in particular being badly received by critics and audience alike. It seems like this year may be bottom heavy, with the likes of Doctor Strange, Rogue One and Assassins Creed on their way amidst the usual sea of Oscar contenders all still to come. I will be doing an autumn 2016 preview soon, so look out for that.

On that note, I am aiming to post new things onto the blog 2-4 times a week, mostly about movies, but who knows. I’m pretty sure nobody reads this anyway, so maybe i will put up my recipe for the best Risotto known to man.

Until next time!

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