Why Him? Review

Why Him? is this years Father v Boyfriend comedy in the vain of Meet the Parents with an extra dose of swearing and obscene jokes thrown in to make it a bit more edgy. Written by Jonah Hill (who wrote both Jump Streets and Sausage Party), directed by John Hamburg (Who also directed the aforementioned Meet the Parents) and sporting a strong cast with James Franco and Bryan Cranston this film has all the ingredients to impress. 

Comedies are a difficult thing to get right as its the most subjective type of movie, action fans will normally agree on a good action movie, but what makes one person laugh might make another cringe. As someone with a juvenile and somewhat filthy sense of humour there was a fair few moments in Why Him that made me chuckle. If your sense of humour is a little more PG, this might miss the mark for you.

The whole cast is pretty solid, with Bryan Cranston and James Franco’s back and forth being the most entertaining parts of the film. Keegan-Michael Key plays the “Estate manager” Gustav and whilst his character does have some funny moments, it comes off feeling like a character from a sketch show that has a cameo role in this film.

The plot is pretty much given to you on the films poster, and its something we have seen before. The caring father disapproving of the free spirited young man her daughter is dating is hardly a groundbreaking story and it is used purely as the vehicle for some jokes and never threatens to stray too far from being the story you expect.

That is kind of all there is to be said about Why Him. Yes it is formulaic, but its still enjoyable. Other than some slightly janky editing and camera cuts here and there, its well made and doesn’t do anything particularly badly.

If you enjoyed Meet the Parents/Fockers but want more F-bombs and dick jokes in your holiday time comedy, Why Him is pretty much exactly that. Whilst its not the greatest comedy of the year (That accolade probably goes to Deadpool for me) its good enough to get a positive score from me.

6/10 – Why not him? 

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