Oscars, Lightsabers, and poor decision making.

I’ve decided I’m now going to post a weekly roundup of all the news that’s interested me in the last 7 days and say something about what i think about it all. It will only be movies, games and the occasional TV news stories i write about, because that’s the stuff that interests me. 

Oscar NomNomNoms..

Tuesday was the day that film buffs were all waiting for with baited breath as the Academy Award nominations were announced. Leading the way with a joint record 14 nominations was Lala Land, which it clearly owes down to my review of it a few weeks ago. Jokes aside I was very happy to see it recognised and there wasn’t much i could argue about anywhere. Meryl Streep got a nomination for being in a movie, because when Meryl Streep is in a movie, she gets nominated. The main point of contention i have seen is that she was nominated over Amy Adams in Arrival, but having not seen Meryl Streeps movie I can’t judge myself.

I personally was hoping for Deadpool to get a Screenplay nomination, and it was a bit of a shock that it didn’t. It was nominated for awards at other ceremonies in recent weeks but it wasn’t to be for the merc with a mouth, which is a shame as a Deadpool appearance might’ve made the actual Oscars ceremony a bit more enjoyable.

The other shock was Mel Gibson getting the nod for Best Director for Hacksaw Ridge  over Silence’s Martin Scorsese. Now i personally wasn’t the biggest fan of Silence as an overall movie, but I thought that it was nailed on for Scorsese to bag a nomination at the very least. It does increase my excitement to see Hacksaw Ridge though, so I’m looking forward to seeing that next week, review will follow of course.

Small independent Sci-Fi Fantasy film gets full title

STAR WARS EPISODE VIII – The Last Jedi. I love it. Of course they could have named it literally anything else and I would probably love it too, but for me this is exactly what I wanted the film to be. I am of course assuming this is referring to Luke. Considering how little Luke Skywalker we got in the Force Awakens, i feel like we are going to get him in bucket loads this time around. My worry is that he could die, and if that happens I think I might actually cry at a film for the first time since Hitch. Anyway hopefully we get a trailer soon, so me and every other star wars nerd out there can collectively jizz our pants when we see Luke whip out his lightsaber.

Justice League releases yet another image of people standing in a police line up

I adore DC comics. Batman and the Joker are my favourite characters of all the superheroes, and I want DC movies to live up to their comic, game and TV show counterparts. That is why I am getting increasingly concerned with the DC Cinematic universe. This week they released more images from the upcoming Justice League movie, and they look the same as the previous ones of 5 heroes standing looking moody. Don’t get me wrong they look fine, but its all just a bit random and haphazard.

They have no plan for the DC films, they just seem to be throwing as many different ideas out there as they can and hoping something sticks in the long term, whilst in the short term they are promoting Justice League and it is beginning to overshadow the Wonder Woman movie that comes out before it. To add extra weight to my point, they announced on Friday that the Flash movie set for 2018 is undergoing a page one rewrite, meaning its almost certainly going to be delayed.

At this point i cant see Wonder Woman, Justice League or any other DC films being good as they should be, but I am holding out hope that they can prove me wrong this year.

That’s your lot for this week, just a couple of other things that caught my eye this week though. Sicario 2 is happening, and as much as i liked the first film, I’m not convinced its going to match up to its predecessor, as a lot of the main team behind the first have departed for other project, so keep an eye on that one. Black Panther and the next Avengers movie entered production, marking the first time 2 Marvel films have been in production at the same time, so turns out having a plan works out alright.

Okay yes i cried at Hitch. There is a scene where he goes to declare his love and she opens the door and shes got another man there and it got me alright. Screw you for judging me, I’m only human.. Nobody hurts the Fresh Prince!

Til Next Time!




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