Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver is the latest film from critic and fan adored director/writer Edgar Wright. I am a big fan of Shaun of the Dead and I like all his other films from Hot Fuzz to Scott Pilgrim, so going into this I was optimistic about seeing an entertaining movie. 

Baby Driver delivers in a big way, with the excellent writing and interesting characters we’ve come to expect from Edgar Wright all there in their full glory. Ansel Elgort is terrific and he is matches by every member of the main cast. Jamie Fox, Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal, Kevin Spacey, Eliza Gonzalez and Lily James all deserve a shout out because they are all great and this is again in part down to the excellent writing of Edgar Wright.

Every character feels like a real part of this world, and that they all have lives before this film that could all have their own movie about. Not saying this should become a franchise, quite the opposite, but you really do feel every actor knows exactly what their characters motivations are and what their agenda is. It is normal to have 3 or 4 of these characters in a film but to have so many excellent characters, all well-balanced and yet never overshadowing the main protagonist is a mark of a truly great film.

Music is almost a character in itself in Baby Driver. There is a near constant soundtrack playing, but it keeps up with the fast pace of the movie with regular changes between songs and it is used to really enhance the main character’s personality. One of my favourite effects in any film is when the gunshots, punches and impacts of an action scene is choreographed to the beat of the music and Baby Driver has this subtly laced throughout the entire film. It just adds to the fun of all the fast driving and action on-screen and I personally love the effect it has.

As enjoyable as the action and car chase scenes are, the dialog between the characters is just as entertaining and that is a rarity in film. As someone who likes thinking of stories and writing dialog, I really have to admire the way we are given so much information throughout the film yet it never hits you as exposition. All the explaining and back story is given to you through the natural conversations that the characters have and it never feels forced. It is something so simple it is easy to take for granted but the more I thought about Baby Driver the more this fact hit me.

I am struggling to find a real negative in this film. There is always an argument that Edgar Wright’s films are style over substance, but I normally disagree with that, and certainly don’t feel that here.


Baby Driver is a terrifically entertaining film and I can’t imagine that anyone would not enjoy it. Edgar Wright has brought together a lot of the best parts of film and put them together in a thoroughly entertaining package. In a summer full of superheroes, pirates and robots, Baby Driver has raced ahead of them all in what is likely to be the best film of the summer.

10/10 – Baby, Baby, Baby Oooooh

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