Girls Trip Review

Girls trip looked pretty funny from the trailers, but not one I was expecting to see. However, I have banned myself from saying no to any movie, so I ended up going to see this chick flick that’s targeted very obviously at women. I was the only male in the cinema, and I saw trailers for films I had no idea existed. I basically spent two hours having a girls night at the cinema.

Considering director Malcolm D. Lee has Scary Movie 5 on his resume, I was expecting a lot of over the top, dumb humour. There is some of that here, but it doesn’t feel as jarring and frankly unfunny as the Scary Movie franchise did. The over the top moments actually worked for me, and made me laugh out loud at points.

Once the movie gets going you quickly realise that this film is reliant on the chemistry between the 4 main girls. Thankfully Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish bounce off each other well and are actually believable as a group of old friends.

Each member of the group may well remind women of one of their actual friends, and as a guy I think i may have missed some of the subtle jokes between women. The humour did work 99% of the time for me, so don’t worry if you’re a guy who is going to be dragged to this by your partner, you will still have a lot of laughs. There is also Mike Coulter from Luke Cage, and he is so incredibly manly most men will feel considerably more feminine than usual. One of the best things about Girls Trip is how the laughs are spread around the group, with the crazy moments equally spread to avoid making one of the characters the “wacky” one.

I don’t see a lot of chick flicks, but the few I have tend to try to shoot for a bigger, more serious point in the film that is supposed to make you think about a deeper meaning. It has never been successful in any film for me, and always feel too preachy and cheesy to take seriously. Girls Trip is no different, and there is a speech made by one of the characters and to me personally, it felt like it lasted roughly 7 hours. I appreciate the filmmakers trying to make things a little deeper overall, just im yet to see it work.


I have to be honest, I had no intention of seeing Girls Trip and my expectations were pretty low, but I was pleasantly surprised and had a lot of laughs. From a guy’s point of view, there are definitely worse films you could be dragged to. For girls, I think this film will really make you laugh, as long as you can handle the crude moments (Grapefruit, that’s all i will say).

8/10 – I feel a lot more feminine now…

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