Thor Ragnarok Review

I finally managed to get back to the cinema after a busy time and a trip away, and when I went online to book a ticket for tonight to see Thor was out I was really excited to see it as i thought it came out next week. The trailer for this put a huge grin on my face with how fun the film looked, and hoped the film could replicate that throughout. 

As every critic seems to have been saying so far, the film keeps that smile on your face the whole time and it’s extremely fun. I have not laughed this much in a Marvel film since the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Director Taika Waititi’s pushes his sense of humour all over the movie and whilst the light and jokey tone clash a little with the severity of the events of the plot, I find it hard to believe anyone would watch this movie and not enjoy the laughs.

The tone clashing with the storyline is an issue for me, as i do think that the issues dealt with should have held more weight considering the ramifications it could have on the wider MCU going forward. The light tone made it feel like everything was going fine even in moments that i felt should have been a bit more perilous for the protagonists.

Speaking of the protagonists, Chris Hemsworth returns for a fifth time as the titular character and he continues to improve. The Thor character has developed over the last few years and this movie really allows Hemsworth to let his own personality and comedic style show through in the character. In the first film Thor was very much a rigid, serious character who had moments of humour, now that balance is very much weighted towards the humorous side.

Tom Hiddleston returns and continues his perfect track record of being one of the most interesting and entertaining characters in the entire MCU. Mark Ruffalo’s gives us probably the best one screen showing of Hulk, with more personality than we’ve ever seen. The rest of the supporting cast all match up to the tone, with Tessa Thompson and Jeff Goldblum being particularly memorable. The stand out supporting character for me is Korg, who is voiced by the director Taika Waititi, which was an unexpectedly great part of the film.

Cate Blanchett plays antagonist Hela, and she is certainly not bad in the role. She doesn’t have many dimensions to her character, and i thought there was more that could have been done given her origins that are mentioned in the film. It’s another case of the villain being the weakest character in a Marvel film, and it is causing a little concern for Avengers Infinity War next year, a film that hinges on the villain being intimidating and actually threatening the heroes. Hela fulfils the role of the antagonist in the film.

The action, yes it has taken me most of the review to get to mentioning the action in a superhero movie, is superb. There are some scenes that are just astounding to watch and unbelievably beautiful just to look at. One scene in particular is like a moving painting, unlike anything i have seen before.


The majority of the jokes hit the mark, and the action provides something new, both making Thor Ragnarok is a genuinely great time in the cinema. The tone not allowing for any real seriousness does detract from the film for me. With the serious looking Black Panther and the epic Avengers Infinity War on the horizon in 2018, a light hearted romp with Thor could be just what we need. Also, Led Zeppelin’s  Immigrant Song is used terrifically. I just didn’t know where to fit that in the review.

8/10 – Thor Ragna-rocks. 

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