Disney going Fox hunting?

The big news today is that Disney were in talks to buy the movie and TV divisions of 20th Century Fox. Having bought Lucasfilm and Marvel in recent history, this would be another step in their plan to dominate the entertainment industry.

What this would mean is that every film and TV property owned by Fox, including Avatar, Xmen, Planet of the Apes, Family Guy and The Simpsons to name a few, would now be owned by Disney. This could mean that Disney owned Marvel could incorporate the Xmen and the fantastic four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as rebooting franchises like Apes or Aliens. 

Immediately upon hearing the news I was excited, the thought of Xmen Vs Avengers on the big screen is tantalising to a comic book nerd like me. I have become inclined to trust Disney given their handling of Marvel and Star Wars to date. Given in the last year they’ve brought Spiderman into the MCU I think Xmen and F4 could be handled well by the Mouse House. 

Putting my excitement for that on hold, there is the worry that this could mean the end of us seeing a film like Deadpool or Logan, two excellent films but 18 rated, and that flavour doesn’t mesh well with the colourful fun tone set in the majority of the MCU movies. The Marvel Netflix shows have been much darker than their cinematic cousins, but I don’t think that means we will see them trying to bring in a cursing, insult throwing anti hero like Deadpool into the fold. 

Of course we don’t know how the deal would work, Disney may buy Fox but just allow them to function as they were, with the profits filling Disney’s pockets. 

It’s important to note that the deal is not confirmed, nor is it confirmed that either party wants to go back to the table to negotiate further. Nonetheless the fact that talks even took place suggest Disney isn’t satisfied with what they have and I’d be surprised if this story is dead. 

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