Justice League Underperforms – Whats next for DC?

Justice League, DC’s version of the Avengers, released worldwide last Friday and made under half that of the Marvel rival film. Beyond that, less than any previous film set in their DC universe. This means even the likes of Suicide Squad drew in more cinema goers than Justice League. 

Justice League took in just over $96m in the US, which for the vast majority of films would represent a resounding success. However this isn’t your average Rom-com, this is a film thats estimated to have cost near the $300m mark. Justice League is aiming to compete with other superhero and nerd culture films out there, and those films gross considerably more on their debuts. Thor Ragnarok took in more than $120m dollars and that’s just Thor. Okay the Hulk was there as well, but a film containing Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and more should have eclipsed the Marvel effort.

This represents a growing distrust among movie fans to pay the money to go out and see a DC film. Wonder Woman was good, but before then they had two poor efforts in most people’s eyes with Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman. The big concern for DC here is that the changes they’re trying to make to the tone of thier universe may have come too late for audiences. 

If that’s the case, what are DC’s options right now? Aquaman has finished filming so that’s set to come out next year, but beyond that the dates for all the announced films have moved about a few times now. It seems a little like they’ve left themselves a chance to change what they’re doing. A complete reset isn’t out of the question depending on what Justice Leagues box office adds up to. 

I personally wouldn’t mind a DC that just made individual unconnected films. Some of the best DC comics are the ones that are out of the week to week continuity. The Killing Joke, American Alien, Dark Knight Returns (Google them, they’re great) are just three examples of wildly different stories alll based on the DC characters. A live action movie for each of those free of the restraints of being in a wider universe would be really interesting and unlike anything we’ve seen. 

This is just my speculation and they may not have even considered an unconnected universe. Although now I really want a killing joke live action film. So the people in charge of DC should just read my blog and do what I suggested. I won’t even ask for compensation.

Til next time, thanks for reading. 

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