Avatar – Expensive Sequels on their way, does anyone actually want them? 

James Cameron’s Avatar came out in 2009, and set a box office record that still stands today. It was the best use of 3D anyone had seen in film, and the special effects and technology used on the film is a showcase for what cinema could do. 

8 years on from the films release, Avatar has left no cultural footprint on the world. The majority of people couldn’t name the lead character (Jake Sully). Avatar was box office lightning in a bottle and making an attempt to recapture that magic in a sequel that will be coming out 10 years after the original seems like a big risk. 

Director James Cameron is not one to be doubted, as, until Star Was Episode 7, he did direct the two biggest grossing films of all time in Titanic and Avatar. Therefore he clearly knows how to make a box office hit. Recent news suggests that the sequels, with the plan to release Avatar 2 and 3 much closer together, will need to earn a fair bit of money before Cameron gets the greenlight on Avatar 4 and 5. I think this is the right move, as there is a real risk that the return of Avatar isn’t nearly as successful as the original. 

To prove a point, last Halloween, just a month ago, I saw storm troopers, superheroes, ghostbusters, and woody, but not a single Navi.  Avatar came and went without becoming something people really cared about. 

The film itself, in my opinion, is a decent film with some groundbreaking effects and a cool setting. Its plot was pretty basic when you think about it. Aside from the whole controlling another body with their minds thing, there’s nothing original about the plot. Except that everyone’s blue, and islands can float. That’s about as much as I remember. Oh and something about trees lighting up. 

I don’t see any demand for Avatar 2, so what chance does it have of making enough money to justify the release? The films are being called the most expensive movies ever made, which in itself is an insane label for a sequel nobody I know of is really longing for. In a time where the world’s economy isnt exactly booming, Hollywood continues to stick 2 fingers up at the world and keep spending tonnes of money. I for one am glad, because Star Wars. 

I hope every decent film makes money, and the Avatar sequels will probably make me look an idiot for doubting them. Right now though, I can’t see how this film has a chance to compare to the original, and I’d much rather see James Cameron do another Terminator film than Avatar myself.

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