Five Avengers Infinity War Predictions 

Something a bit different for me here, with the release of that Avengers Infinity War trailer this week, my excitement for the film shot through the roof. I then did my usual thing of going back re-watching it a load of times and trying to plot out the film in my head. I thought I’d share some of my predictions with you. Beware, if I get any of this right (unlikely), it will spoil parts or all of the film.

1 – Tony Stark Dies.

Given that Robert Downey Jr was there at the very start with Iron Man in 2008, it’s not unrealistic to suspect his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be coming to an end. The trailer shows him looking extremely upset, possibly at the loss of a fellow Avenger. Now neither he or Spiderman are featured in the later section with the Wakandan army and the avengers fighting, suggesting they aren’t present for this. 

The theory I quite like is that when the big purple raisin Thanos first arrives, he is confronted by Spiderman, Iron Man and perhaps some other avengers. In the trailer we see Spiderman slammed into the floor and Iron Man punched by Thanos. The idea is that Spiderman is so badly injured in this moment that Tony Stark sends his suit to protect Peter Parker just like we saw with Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3, saving Peters life but leaving himself open to being crushed by Thanos.  

2 – Cap Returns to Lead the Avengers

Perhaps not an unlikely theory at first. But my prediction is he has been in hiding, grooming his facial hair to perfection. He has no intention of returning until he sees Tony Stark has been killed and the Avengers are in disarray. He then returns to lead the defence of Wakanda along side Black Panther and his best buddy Winter Soldier. 

3 – Black Panther/Wakanda has the last Infinity Stone.

At this point we have one missing Infinity Stone. We have seen 5 of the 6 (Tesseract in first Avengers, Mind Gem in Visions forehead, Aether from Thor Dark World, Power Gem in Guardians Vol 1, and Time Gem in Dr.Strange). This leaves just the Soul Gem, which hasn’t been seen yet. Some think it could be in Heimdalls eyes (Idris Elba in the Thor films) but I think there’s a chance it’s in Wakanda, to be revealed in February when Black Panther hits theatres. 

They have unexplained advanced technology, and the trailer this week showed a huge alien army attacking a Wakandan army suggesting something Thanos needs is being hidden by the African nation. 

4 – Adam Warlock IS in the film.

Alright let’s get proper comic book nerdy. In the comic that inspried this film, called The Infinity Gauntlet, the person who comes along to help the Avengers is Adam Warlock. He has, to this point, been referenced just once in the MCU. He’s at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and is being created by those gold people. You know who I mean. The sovereign? I’m leaving this in for you to check as I didn’t use Google for this whole thing to test my nerd knowledge.

There has been no casting news, and no set photo of a Gold fellow wandering about, but if you’ve read the comic you know he’s a vital component of the story and without him it’s hard to imagine it working. I’d love to see it be done, but I think my other idea for this is more likely…

5 – Captain Marvel takes on the Adam Warlock role 

Okay so, if we assume the film makers aren’t lying when they said Adam Warlock isn’t in Infinity War, then who could step up to take on the role? Doctor Strange is the only character with that level of power in the comics, and he has his own very important role if we are sticking even remotely to the comics. In 2019, between Avengers Infinity war and Avengers 4, there is a little film called Captain Marvel. 

A ridiculous name for a marvel character, yes, but she is likely to come in and immediately be the most powerful character we’ve ever seen in the MCU except for a Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. Carol Danvers (yep, a superhero named Carol) could arrive towards the end of Infinity War, ready to lead what remains of the avengers against an Infinity Gauntlet wearing Thanos in 2019s Avengers 4.   

So there. Some of my nerdy thoughts written down for me to come back to after we’ve seen the film and for me to say I told you so. Or, most likely, me to admit I was completely off the mark.i quite enjoyed doing this so I might do another one for a certain space opera that is coming out in 2 weeks. That’ll be even nerdier. 

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