Star Wars The Last Jedi – What’s Next? 

Coming out of the Last Jedi I had a lot of questions. Mainly, where does the franchise go next for Episode 9 in a few years. If you haven’t seen Star Wars – The Last Jedi yet I suggest you click away now and come back when you have, as I will not hold back on spoilers in this post so beware!! 

Here we go, final warning to click away. Don’t ruin this for yourself!  

Still here? 

This sentence is here to take up some room on the page so the people who want to click away don’t catch the spoiler at the start of the next part.

Where does the franchise go now Luke Skywalker and the franchise’s new big bad guy Snoke have both bitten the dust. Of course one more peacefully than the other, with Luke disappearing into the force a la Obi Wan and Yoda, and Snoke being butchered to pieces by a lightsaber. In the moment, watching the throne room scene with Rey and Kylo, back to back fighting off Snokes bodyguards, my mind was racing, confused as to what this team up of Light and Dark meant for the franchise. Was the Grey Jedi rumors true? 

Of course we was given the answer moments later with Kylo going full Darth Vader and asking Rey to join her and rule the galaxy together, and let the past die, Last Order, Rebels and all. Kylo once again showing his approach to all this is “Make it up as I go”. Of course we don’t see them team up, instead they both force fight over Luke’s old Lightsaber and end up ripping the thing in half. 

Now that ripped in half lightsaber is a key clue to the following scene by the way. Luke appears on Crait, ready to help the Resistance fight off the last order having had a shave and dyed his beard and hair. He then walked out and leaves no footprints on the easily markable surface of the planet, igniting the lightsaber we just saw break in half, and then proceeds to fight Kylo Ren without ever touching lightsabers. 

All those clues and more are there, no effort is made to hide them. The trick is pulled off entirely by the fans desires to see Luke Skywalker in action one more time. Of course in the end we see Luke is actually pulling off a feat no other Jedi could do without dying immediately, and project himself across the galaxy to not just one person, but everyone on the planet. 

After buying the resistance time to escape  and inspiring  them to fight, I watched my childhood hero pass away. The poetry of this moment is so poignant to someone whose steeped in this world any slightly more emotional person would cry. Weirdly this moment isn’t sad, it’s peaceful.  Luke has had one final chance to save a lot of people and spark a brand new rebellion. 

Sounds a lot like the end of a trilogy doesn’t it. Well the fact is we still have Episode 9 to come, so what is left to do? At the end we saw the kid from the space horse racing place use the force to grab his broom and pose with it like a lightsaber for us, with his rebellion ring on. Could he feature in the next film? I doubt that. Possibly in the future he will play a role, but I can’t see it being episode 9. 

What is left is Kylo Ren and Rey, enemies with a connection similar to Vader and Luke, except instead of being relatives they appear to actually care for each other. Kylo Rens comments about Rey parents being nobody are disappointing to me, and I hope he was wrong just because I really want her to be a Kenobi. 

Now, my prediction for the next one is for it to be years later, and a new kind of threat has arrived, hopefully not a Death star but something that poe has to “Jump on an X-wing and blow up”. This is where Poe and Finn will finally have a mission together as their chemistry is an underused part so far in this new trilogy. Meanwhile Rey may be training the boy from the casino or someone else, as she is now responsible for continuing the Jedi, and still having her Force Skype calls with Kylo regularly. They will fight and Kylo will turn back to the light and destroy the Last Order, possibly sacrificing himself. 

Also Phasma went out like a punk and I’m not sure how I feel about this trend of cool looking Star Wars Characters going out like twats. Yes I’m looking at you Boba Fett, and you Kit Fitso, and you Greedo. Nerd points for you if you know who Kit Fitso is. 

That’s all for now, I could talk about Star Wars forever and there is so much more I could ramble on about but I don’t want to let you all know how incredibly geeky I am deep down inside. Thanks for reading this year and happy holidays if I don’t post before then!! 


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