Game Night Review

Game Night is a comedy starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams and tells the story of a couple and their friends who regularly meet up to have a game night. One of these nights takes a sinister twist and the film follows the couples on this impromptu adventure. Given the trailers seemed a little silly to me, I wasn’t expecting big things from this one. 

I have to say I did find myself chuckling quite a few times, one scene in particular really getting me and the rest of the cinema laughing (Bullet removal, that’s all I will say). There is a good mix of slapstick, one liners and set up and pay off jokes throughout that serve to give you consistent bang for your buck in terms of laughs.

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are the clear stars, and their chemistry is great together. McAdams in particular has come into her own in recent years with the variety of films she’s done, adding this adult comedy to solid work in Marvel’s Dr.Strange and the hard-hitting drama Spotlight. She’s come a long way since her turn as Regina George in Mean Girls, even if that’s still her most famous character.

The rests of the cast have fleeting moments of hilarity, with subplots between the other couples providing some laughs and all adding a little something to the film. The real stand out for me among the supporting roles is Jesse Plemons as the strange and awkward neighbour. He has a great stare for making you feel uncomfortable and he plays the role perfectly. His versatility is amazing, playing Todd in Breaking Bad, his role in the USS Callister episode of Black Mirror, and now this, all calling on different skill sets. I think he is one to watch in the future if he can land the right roles.

The movie does get a little far-fetched, with some of the plot elements just being a little too convenient and one character being so dumb you struggle to believe they could ever be a real person. These moments do provide some laughs, and that is the aim for a comedy so its hard to hold it against the film too much. It also provides a role for Michael C Hall, which is fun as I was a big fan of his work in Dexter. In this he is a little wasted for me, and i would have liked his character to be a little more realistic and used more in the film.

Ridiculous elements aside, Game Night did exactly what a good comedy should do, and made me laugh consistently throughout. Some great comedic performances help make this one of the better films at the cinema right now. If you are looking for a laugh, Game Night won’t let you down.

Good: McAdams, Bateman and Plemons’ performances along with some really funny scenes that will have you chuckling.

Bad: Some of the more ridiculous elements don’t pay off quite as well and can make the film seem a little silly at times.

7.5/10 – Had a laugh, and got the urge to play a game of scrabble. 



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