Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool is back and this time he has a bigger budget. I loved the first one, and I’ve always loved the character from the comics. Could lightning strike twice for the Merc with a Mouth?

Well to be honest the entire review could be the first line I wrote. “Deadpool is back and has a bigger budget” pretty much sums up the films feel, more of what you had before in a more extravagant presentation. The film even leans into the joke of it repeating some moments which I always find funny. Deadpool is joined again by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and this time Domino and Cable are brought in.

The main attraction, as it always should be in this film, is Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. He is born to play this role and clearly loves doing it. The fourth wall breaks are plentiful and the consistent wise cracks always add humour to every scene.

Deadpool 2’s jokes have a great success rate for the most part but there’s a few that fall a little flat, particularly one they call back to re: Dubstep which would have been funny 10 years ago. There is some really great humour though, and if you enjoyed the first film this has more of that same flavour of humour spread heavily throughout.

Josh Brolin, who is having a great couple of months after his starring role in Infinity War as Thanos, is intriguing as Cable. The relationship between him and Deadpool is great in the comics, and there are moments in this film that capture that quite well. I think him being introduced into the Deadpool world is a great move and whilst I don’t think he could carry a film on his own, a Deadpool and Cable team up movie would be really fun. Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, is an interesting addition whose superpower is Luck. It sounds very odd to read it but when you see how they use it in the film, it provides some of the most memorable action scenes in the entire film.

Deadpool is an odd movie, in that the plot isn’t the reason you’re interested in watching, both this and the previous film both rely on the character himself being entertaining enough to hold the audience’s attention. Of course there is still a story, and Deadpool 2 has arguably a more interesting and involved plot than the first, but in all honestly it could be anything, as long as Deadpool is being given the opportunity to shine. Well almost anything.. see X-men Origins: Wolverine.

The action scenes feel more epic in scale, and the additional budget allowed for this after the success of the first film shows in these moments. Deadpool’s wit and sarcastic humour making them all a little more entertaining than your standard action scene. There isn’t so much a stand out action scene as there is just a lot of great moments spread through the film, which serves to make the film feel like its moving a long at quite a good pace.

You could watch a double feature of Deadpool one and two and if you cut out the credits of Deadpool one, it would easily pass as one 4 hour-long film. There isn’t a great deal new besides the introduction of Cable and Domino, but the fresh batch of jokes and slapstick comedy provided by the titular character make the film just as enjoyable as the first one.

Good – More Deadpool, which is fantastic if you enjoyed the first one. Cable and Domino bring something a little different just to make things a little more interesting.

Bad – More Deadpool, which is terrible if you hated the first one.

8/10 – I really enjoyed the first one, so I really enjoyed this one too. 


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