The Incredibles 2 Review

Finally the Incredibles my second favourite Pixar franchise, has the sequel everyone in my generation has been waiting for. is there a chance this could live up to the incredible expectations?

It’s certainly an incredible task for Pixar, having made one of the best superhero movies ever well before the start of the MCU and the Dark Knight trilogy. Following up on that fourteen years later is a tough ask, look at any other franchise that’s been revisited after over a decade (dumb and dumber and Zoolander sequels both considered failures) for proof of how difficult it is.

All of the original cast return, including Frozone and Edna Mode, with the former being included more this time and I really enjoyed Samuel L Jackson being as Samuel L Jackson as he can be in a kid’s film. The stars of the show are of course the family of Incredibles. The film captures exactly what I’d expect a dad trying to look after three uncontrollable kids to feel like, as he battles to keep things from spiralling out of hand.

This time round Elastigirl is front and centre in the action scenes for the bulk of the film, and the ways her powers are used are really interesting and to see something I have not seen in the superhero crazy world we live in is quite incredible in itself. The three children are developed into more fully fledged characters, Violet the slightly moody teenage girl, Dash the over excited ten-year-old boy, and jack-jack the happy but quickly upset baby. Jack-Jack was an unexpected highlight for me and his powers really add some fun scenes to the film.

Joining the returning stars are Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener as the Deavors, sibling leaders of a company that wants to restore superheros to their former glory. Bob Odenkirk has been a favourite of mine since his turn on Breaking Bad as Saul, and the animation really captures his style. Thier relationship has an element that I found incredibly predictable from the first moment on-screen and this is probably my biggest flaw with the film, but as I don’t want to risk spoiling the film I will say no more about that as it is a minor issue.

All these voice performances are brought to life by Pixar’s animation team, at this point I think every compliment that can be given has been given to them. The animation and detail in every second of the film is truly incredible, the details on tiny things, like fingerprints being left on a glass, or the stitching in their clothes, is given so much attention it’s like an oddly stylised live action film. It’s clearly animated, but the world feels so real it’s completely immersive. I haven’t seen the first incredibles for a number of years but I believe the leaps and bounds they’ve made since 2004 are mind-blowing.

Much like the first film, The Incredibles 2 is full of laughter, heart, action and an extreme look into family life. Pixar is the best studio on the planet and continues to make thoroughly entertaining films for all ages. This film succeeds with an almost impossible task and for me beats the first film.

Yes. I put the word incredible in every paragraph.

Good: Everything. I don’t see how you wouldn’t like this movie unless you’re one of those people who hates animation.

Bad: Predictable at times but that didn’t take away any of the enjoyment.

9.5/10 – Incredible.

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