Mission Impossible Fallout Review

Mission Impossible Fallout is the sixth film in the Tom Cruise led franchise and looks to continue on the last two fantastic entries. For the first time we have a returning director and a continuing story so it was interesting to see how well the story carries over.

First things first though, Tom Cruise is fifty-six years old. That fact makes all of the stunts and sprinting around even hi somehow outdoing it’s predecessor. There’s a section of this film, possibly over half an hour, of just chase scenes. Speeding through Paris and London in cars, boats, bikes, and on foot, the way this is all captured so beautifully and shown so clearly is exceptional and sets a new standard for action films. Director Chris Macquarie and his team do an amazing job with every set piece, and there are a lot of them sprinkled throughout so that level of consistency is something to be admired.

Returning with the evergreen Tom Cruise in his lead role as Ethan Hunt are Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson. They serve as his back up and support team and they all show a vel of comraderie. All are good in the film, with Ferguson continuing to show she could potentially carry this franchise on after Cruise decides he’s too old for this (long way off I reckon). Missing from this one is Jeremy Renner, who couldn’t clear his schedule as Avengers was filming at the same time, only to then not be used in the Avengers film anyway so he missed out on both films. Bit of crap situation from all involved really but I have to say I didn’t realise he wasn’t there until afterwards when discussing the movie.

Joining for the first time is Angela Bassett in what will likely be the role that takes over from Alec Baldwin as the government official in the long term. Alongside her is Superman himself Henry Cavill in his second spy flick after the underappreciated Man from Uncle a couple of years ago. Cavill brings obvious physicality to the role but unfortunately his character didn’t have the depth I was hoping for. There’s a debut movie role for Vanessa Kirby, who is intriguing as a character that plays a side role here but may become more involved in future entries.

The other main cast member, and a crucial one, is Sean Harris returning as Solomon Lane. He was the undoubted highlight of Mission Impossible Rogue Nation for me, his quiet, creepy and calculated villain really giving something new to the franchise. He returns and is just as off-putting as before, but his motivations have now changed and he is more driven by a desire to get revenge on Ethan Hunt.

All of these interesting characters are mixed up in a simple plot, there’s three potential nuclear bombs and Ethan has to stop them going off. It is a pretty basic thing for a spy/action film but they do try to subvert your expectations in the challenge they pose to our protagonists.

The basic, easy to read plot is a little underwhelming and doesn’t deliver any real intrigue. I would liked more on Vanessa Kirby and Henry Cavills back story but that would have meant cutting out some of the action as this is already a long film clocking in at just shy of two and a half hours.

Mission Impossible Fallout features some of the best action sequences ever put to film, and that alone justifies the price of a ticket. Tom Cruise continues to defy the ageing process and deliver genuinely jaw dropping moments. Action movie fans will really get kick out of this film. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of Rogue Nation for me, as I liked the more challenging choices put infront of out characters, but it’s still an incredibly entertaining movie.

Good: for all action movie fans, mission impossible continues to deliver some of the best sequences in cinema today. Great musical score.

Bad: Predictable plot, antagonists not as compelling as I’d have liked.

8/10 – He’s fifty-bloody-six.

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