Bohemian Rhapsody Review

Freddie Mercury is the most iconic front man in history. That’s a fact. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are the only people who can hold a candle to the Queen legend, and in my opinion both are below him. Bohemian Rhapsody tells us the story of Freddie and Queen, and the music alone got me excited to see the film.

Mr.Robot star Rami Malek is given the unenviable task of becoming Freddie Mercury. He certainly looks the part, and I’m very happy to say he is absolutely brilliant. He shines most in the stage performances, capturing the movements and mannerisms that made Mercury the greatest showman in the world. The rest of the band are cast very well, all delivering great supporting performances, the actors who I had not seen before now all people to look out for after this film.

It’s a relatively small cast, and the story focuses on a few different key times in the history of Queen. I know a lot of people are unhappy with how the film skips over some aspects of the wild side of Mercury’s life and his sexuality. I felt these themes were highlighted enough to know there’s a story there, it’s just not the story this film was telling. It’s called Bohemian Rhapsody, and a big chunk of the film delves into the creation of that song.

That leads me into the music, and of course, it’s excellent. The song selection is great, and that’s actually quite an achievement as they spread the hits throughout without it ever feeling like a musical. The finale of the film is like watching a gig, and worked really well for me as an ending to the story.

This film may not delve into the controversial side of his life too much, but it does show a very real, personal struggle Freddie Mercury the man had to deal with. On stage, he is a deity, unrivalled in his charisma and can unite a crowd 100,000 strong with his music. Off stage, with fame and fortune and everything that comes with it, the film depicts him leading a lonely life. This is what makes Freddie Mercury a relate-able character in the film, a difficult task for a character so many idolize.

There’s definitely a darker story to tell about the Queen front man, but this isn’t it. Bohemian Rhapsody celebrates Queen whilst showing its no pleasure cruise.

Good: The music, The Moustache, and The performances’ are all brilliant.

Bad: Skips over some key elements of his life, less a biopic, more a celebration of Queens music.

8.5/10 – One of the best this year so far. 

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