Archer’s Burgers

I started watching Bob’s Burgers yesterday, an animated show for adults about a man named Bob who runs a burger shop with his family. It’s hilarious and the title character is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. His voice is great to listen to but hearing him as Bob made me really miss the good old days of Archer. 

If you don’t know, Archer is another animated series for grownups that follows a spy agency and its main man Sterling Archer. It’s fantastic, right up until the end of season 7. Since then we have had three seasons of something a little bit different. None of them terrible, but none of them Archer quite how we know it. All the scenarios they’ve used since have been interesting ideas for maybe a two- or three-episode spin, but to commit entire seasons to Dreamland, Danger Island and Archer 1999 I think is a mistake.

In its prime Archer is a show that’s full of “In jokes” and references to previous episodes, with constant call backs and pop culture reference’s mixed in with that week’s situation. I understand a need to change the name of the spy agency, “ISIS” has become an awkward name for it now, but to spend so long away from the basic premise of the show that hooked my is worrying.

The actual happenings of the plot each week are less important, you just want to see what Cyril will say, how Lana will react and what Cheryl’s mood is at any given moment. For me the show needs to get back to that old office with the laundromat in the basement as right now I am struggling to get through season ten. It’s set in another alternate reality with the team in space, which sounds as if it should work fine, because the characters are all there. Something is missing though, and the only big change from the earlier seasons is the setting.

The rumours are it will be heading back to the present day and continuing from the cliff hanger ending to Season 7, and I for one cannot wait for that. Archer was my favourite current show for a long time, a title that now lives with Brooklyn 99. I can’t wait for a day when I can alternate between new episodes of Archer and B99. By then though, Bob’s Burgers may have found its place in my heart. I’m only 5 or 6 episodes in but so far, I have had several laugh out loud moments and I am told it gets better as it goes on.

The wait for a serious new show to hook me goes on, since I watched “The Boys” on Amazon Prime I haven’t been able to get into anything. That being said, The Boys is a pretty high bar. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys superhero films and especially to anyone who likes the Watchmen film and/or comic book. It has a bit of an odd name for a series about if super powered beings were kind of dickheads, but it’s a brilliant show.

Any excuse to watch Karl Urban be a bad ass is good enough for me, and The Boys delivers that in spades. It’s rare that you can decide if an eight episode show if for you within the first 10 minutes, but The Boys is one such show. Give it a go, try 10 minutes. You will either be intrigued and excited to see where things go, or you will turn it off and never need to watch any more. I enjoyed the show and look forward to the next season.

It has left a hole in my schedule for serious TV shows. Carnival Row looks intriguing, and perhaps I will give that a go, but, the next series I am excited for is The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, which doesn’t start until 12th November which feels very far away right now.

It’s far away to wait for a new season of something, but there is a lot of things to enjoy between now and then in the Gaming world so perhaps I should get on with installing Gears 5, before I sink into a Borderlands shaped void and disappear to all my friends and family for a week or two on September 13th.

There we go I managed to post a blog that wasn’t about Star Wars. That post will have to wait for either this weekend of Monday. I haven’t committed to doing weekend blogs yet, but I might start doing it. Doing this every morning has been great for my sleeping pattern, I now fall asleep before midnight some nights! Anyway, I am all out of orange juice, so I am off to the day job.

Have a great weekend!



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