Shame Lists & Internet Friends

Yesterday I met up with some friends and we had all prepared lists of the top ten video games of the 21st Century. We are all video game lovers, and it reminded me why they are such a brilliant medium. Everyone had some of the big hitters in their favourites list, but everyone had a different favourite of all time.

I was the only one who was correct and put Skyrim as my favourite, but the fact that there are so many incredible games I have never played made me appreciate the abundance of quality there is in the video game industry. There really is something for everyone. For example, if you’re not a big gamer, but you love challenging puzzles, games like The Witness or Portal will wow you.

Some of us even arrived with 2 lists, a “favourite” list, and a “best” list. The “Best” lists tended to have a lot of the same games on there, but only two of us had God of War down as the best of the 21st Century. It also confirmed to me that I have so many games on my backlog that I really need to play. Finding the time is another question.

I think everyone who plays games has that list of shame, the list of games we had every intention of playing but never did. Bioshock Infinite is one of my favourite games in recent times, although it didn’t make either of my top 10 lists. I have not played any other Bioshock game though and I am told the first one is incredible. I also have a huge gap in my gaming library in the shape of Zelda, as I have never played a Zelda game through to completion. I played Twilight Princess on the Wii when it came out, but I haven’t touched Breath of the Wild or Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask or Links Awakening or any other Zelda game.

With a lot of my list of shame I must just accept it’s never going to happen. I missed the time that Zelda would have been relevant for me, and so I am unlikely to ever play them. Even Super Mario Odyssey isn’t something I have played or something I feel compelled to go back and get through. The Nintendo properties never grabbed me. Games I do have the desire to play like Bioshock or Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice I am unlikely to find the time. With limited time for playing games, I don’t know if I will ever fit it all in between FIFA, Borderlands and all the other games on the horizon.

On a similar but different topic, The Emmys award show was this weekend and showcased a huge list of TV shows I have not watched. Jodie Comer won for Killing Eve, which I started watching season 2 and just completely forgot to carry on. That could be a bit of a condemnation of the show, but in reality, I am just an idiot. Game of Thrones took home best drama, which I assume was awarded based on the entire show and not just the poorly written but well-acted car crash that was Season 8.

A couple of shows I am yet to see are The Marvellous Mrs Maisal and Chernobyl. I know a lot about Chernobyl, just because I have been down the Wikipedia black hole enough to have ended up reading about what happened, but I have no idea about Mrs Maisal beyond the fact Zachary Levi was in the show at some point I believe. That being the case, I will add it to my watch list. Which is probably even longer than my Games list.

What all this is showing me, without even touching on the huge list of movies I need to see, is that I would have to cancel all social arrangements and go part time at work if I was to even get close to clearing the back log. There just isn’t enough time, and I have Podcasts to listen to.

Speaking of Podcasts, the friends I met up with on Sunday all came together because of a love for a certain group of podcasts, those being Kinda Funny and What’s Good Games. I won’t go into the shows themselves, but as a big fan of the two YouTube Channels, I attended a meet up last year to meet a few of the crew and was shocked that the best part of the meet up was meeting all the other fans and getting our own group of like-minded people together. I hadn’t really considered that as a factor, I just assumed I would go, meet the guys and gals, get a picture and have them sign my shirt, then leave and get home.

I ended up spending all day there and since I have drunk plenty of alcohol and discussed a huge range of topic with them like we are a group of friends who have been doing this kind of thing for decades. Long may it continue.

And people say you shouldn’t meet up with people from the internet.

‘Til tomorrow, when I will tell you everything I hate, and love, about FIFA 20.



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