Why you need to watch more YouTube and does Star Wars still hold up?

I write almost entirely about Video Games and Movies, with the occasional TV show dropped in. It gives me a lot to write about, and I love all three mediums of entertainment equally. There is one thing I have not written about, and it’s the one that motivated me to start a blog, which led to this site, which will lead to whatever the next thing will be for me. That platform is YouTube. 

YouTube is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people use it to discover new music. Others use it to educate themselves using the endless hours of videos on any topic you could wish to learn about. For me, way back in 2013, it was almost entirely for stupid fail compilations and the occasional music video. Then I happened to discover AMC Movie Talk around the time when Man of Steel came out. It was the first time I discovered this area of the internet. This group of people sitting in a studio, discussing the latest movie news and releases in depth, all bringing their own opinions to the table.

Before too long, it had become a part of my every day, listening to the latest news stories and the crew’s views was just a part of my routine. AMC Movie Talk eventually became Collider Movie Talk. New shows were created, offering deeper dives into the news stories into their own areas. Collider Heroes covered all the superhero genre in more detail, Jedi Council took the hype surrounding the new Star Wars films to new heights and I was spending hours of my week listening to these people.

Since then YouTube has become as common as Netflix or Amazon Prime for me. If you still think of YouTube as that place you can go for cat videos, it really is so much more than that now. It’s a platform with more variety than any other and there is something for whatever is taking your fancy. I do not have any terrestrial TV channels set up in my flat, I watch so many pop culture news shows and comedic content on the platform I don’t know when I would ever use the normal channels.

One thing I found on YouTube recently was a comparison of all the changes made to the original Star Wars film. I recently posted about all the Star Wars prequels and have been toying with the idea of going back and watching the original trilogy again. I have been surprised with the worry I feel going into watching these old films. In my head when I think about them, I remember them being near perfect. I have never watched them with a more critical eye, and my worry is they may not hold up as well as they do in my head.

Last night I watched the first 30 minutes of A New Hope and was surprised how well it plays now. There are some odd choices, for instance Luke’s Aunt is dressed like Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond, but the characters and the plot are still there, still strong. I am going to finish it off this weekend and that will be a post next week. I can’t finish it sooner though, as tonight I am off to see Joker.

A lot of the reviews and talk about the film is very intriguing to me. Regardless of its people enjoyed the film, it is sparking so many interesting conversations about what the film means and why certain things happen. To me, that is the sign of a masterpiece, it gets people talking. My expectations are in a weird place, I am not expecting to enjoy watching this. I think it’s going to be an uncomfortable film to watch.

I might post the review tomorrow, I have kept weekends free, but I have a feeling I am going to want to write about this film as soon as I have processed my thoughts on it. I can’t wait.

Have a great weekend.



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